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Travel Tuesday | Helsinki

I loved this elegant European city with its beautiful architecture and waterfront cafes.  I stopped by for the Arctic15 Tech StartUp Summit and loved going to famous spots like Marimekko for their graphic prints and iittala for beautiful shades of artisan glass and glasses that look like they are made of melting icicles!  I also loved the minimalist iittala x issey miyake collection!
Stop by Gaijen for sushi and Fazer Cafe for hot chocolate!  I drank lots coffee along the water in the morning and ate lots of fresh seafood with lemon and dill in the evening, island hopping between Lonna island and other UNESCO heritage sites.
Finnish design is so cool, I love the elegant and minimalist aesthetic!
Definitely try to find a traditional Finnish sauna with a cold lake near by to hop into when you get hot! Don’t forget to use the bundled reeds to lash yourself with for a true Helsinki experience. I went to Kirkkonummi for a retreat and it felt otherworldly with its summertime never-ending sunset.  The sun started setting at 5 and was still hovering on the horizon at 2am.  To have the most beautiful ‘golden hour’ of sunset last all night was magical!

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