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Fancy Dress – Fall Decor DIY

DIY tabletop decor How-To | Guild Your Gourd edition


You Will Need :

  • 3 White Pumpkins of various sizes – I try to pick based on stem size!
  • 1 Metallic Nail Varnish – We used Essie’s ‘Good As Gold’
  • 1 Roll of Painters Tape

After living in England I now have a new appreciation for pumpkin hunting. After trotting around every grocery store in London I finally found a Tesco one mile from my flat which had American-sized pumpkins large enough to make into Jack-o-lanterns. I was a site unseen trucking down Warwick Road with a plump pair of orange beauties for our tube-stop Fancy Dress* tube station party, and once home, instantly fell in love with garnishing them from head to toe in gold pain! The party was a hit, the Fancy dress winners were ; Maida Vale ( Maid in a veil ) and Victoria! As the hosts we were Bond St (James Bond) + Green Park!

*FANCY DRESS – a costume party  or a fancy dress party  or is a type of party,  where guests dress up in costumes. The origins of fancy dress parties in the United Kingdom can in some respects be traced to masquerade balls of the 18th century period.IMG_6903   FullSizeR11ender


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