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Lindsey Gallery Pop-Up at Suz Somersall

FullSizeR1enderSee the debut of PUSHING BOUNDARIES & come celebrate with Lindsey

Thursday Nov 12th, 5:00-8:00pm (and bring your friends!)


2020 Bond Street | Charlottesville, VA 22901

THANKS, DARLING310 Things to love about Lindsey

  1. She has called Charlottesville Home for the past 9 years! I moved to Charlottesville after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor’s in fine arts in 2006. I needed a break from city life and retreated to the amazing Albemarle country-side. I lived on a beautiful farm just West of town. It was exactly what I needed to really get in touch with my art. The peace and quiet without distractions helped me find my artistic style. Then moved to Barboursville a year and a half ago to embrace one of my other passions in life, horses and riding!

  2. Her  favorite Virginia season would have to be summer!!

  3. Music you are most likely hear in her studio is Indie Folk

  4. She get’s inspired everyday by collecting and looking at objects that she has collected for her paintings in her meticulously organized studio. There is not a nook or cranny without a shelf or box as the perfect spot for just the right tool or trinket.

  5. How would you describe your creative direction? I have a hard time classifying and sometimes even describing what I do to someone who’s never seen my work before. It is unique with tons of different elements and maybe it’s in its own category. Other people tell me my paintings are textural, ethereal, creative, interesting, thought provoking, magical, beautiful- So I will go with that!

  6. Her spirit animal is a horse. Horses amazes me, they are so large, powerful and impressive but so gentle and docile at the same time. They live in only the moment and their presence and energy brings life around them to the present time as well. They calm the spirit and invoke trust with not only their herd but humans too. They are truly amazing animals.

  7. Advice she would give to young artists…. If you have a passion for it go for it all the way! Artists are some of the most important people who have largely shaped our world we live in today.

  8. Achievement that you are most proud of?  Getting published in an international art magazine 3×3. It was a total shock when I found out. That might have been the happiest day in my life!

  9. The last country Lindsey visited was England, but she would love to cross SPAIN off her bucket list! [Gaudi and the beaches…]

  10. What talent would you most like to have? I recently started taking guitar lessons. I fantasize that one day I will be really good at it!



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